In area:

prophylaxis of animal fertility disturbance
failure of reproductive immunology
determination of cause disturbance in peripartal period
postnatal diseases of young’s animals
prevention of infectious diseases
screening of infectious cause disturbance of animal fertility
construction new diagnostic and immunoprophylaxis preparate - biotechnical construction

Department it is disposes:

complete technical accessories (ultramicrothom, TEM, SEM, software for microscopic analyses histological preparate) for elaboration and evaluation biological material by optical and electron scope.
apparatuses for bacterial cultivation and lyophylisation.
technical and methodical equipped for analyses of immunobiological condition on animals (ELISA, RID)
devices for definition of microclimatic and microbial condition of objects for animal productions.
equipment for qualitative analyses of animal spermatozoa.
accessories for ultrasound diagnostics of pregnancy

S.G.A. (Scientific Grant Agency) project:


Name: Biodiversity and effective exploitation of genofond at sustainable development of animal production.

Coordinator: Pavel Šťastný, Prof., DVM., PhD.

Anotations: The animal raw materials inoculate by isolated and defined protease at model experiments. To determine the influence of protease to protein, growth of generous culture, changes of sensory and technological properties, production of biogen amines.Isolated and characterized proteases inolkulate  in modeled experiments raw materials of animal origin /milk and meat/ and find their influence to proteins, to growth of improved cultures used in processing, the change of senzoric and technological properties /chesemaking,titration and active acidity/.To test production of  biogenic amines as a result of metabolic activity of improved reine cultures and psychotropic  microorgaizms in selected milk and meat products.To define genetic risk for appearing of monogenic inherited deseases in population of animals To elaborate repeateble procedure of practical utilization of marker genes in biodiversity evaluation, manifestation and realization productive abilities of farm animals.To describe submiscroscopic changes of RES organs and changes in duodeum of calves during procolostral and postcolostral period.To evaluate synergismus of reproduction microflora.


Name: Ecologization and humanization i relation to biodiversity of animalsand permanently tenable development of animal production

Coordinator: Pavel Šťastný, Prof., DVM., PhD.

Anotations: The scientific project is aimed at elaborating and use of the modern genetic, physiological, biochemical, immunological and ethological methods in observing and defining the changes in biodiversity of species and the breeds of farm animals in the system of ecologization and the permanently tenable development of animal production.The attention is dedicated to acquainting with the level of the processes and methods in breeding and technology for increasing the stated rate and reliability of individual characteristics when they are used for the objective evaluation of the utility potential of animals, methods of breeding, building and protection of the environment, technopathy and health disorders.